TVYou International is a growing network of independently owned online tv/radio stations. 

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Independent owners purchase an operating online tv/radio business which has a contracted license to operate as in specific market areas.

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TVYou provides the initial setup according to the start up schedule and TVYou provides national and regional brand promotion.

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The independent owners pay an ongoing monthly fee for technical and management services.

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The independent owners collect 100% of local advertising and marketing fees collected. 

TVYou collects 100% of regional and national advertising and marketing fees collected.

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TVYou offers a full suite of business support services

Growth into the business starts as a virtual business, grows to office space then to tv/radio studio space.

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A virtual business has the potential to reach $250,000 per year gross revenue;

An office space business has the potential to reach $500,000 per year in gross revenue;

A tv/radio studio space business has the potential to reach $1,000,000 per year in gross revenue.

Our International expansion strategy includes two exciting immigration opportunities.

We are looking for individuals to buy the rights to operate stations. One in Canada and One in their home country. This has all of the pre qualifications for an Owner Operator Temporary Worker Permit, to live and work in Canada.

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The other immigration stream that an owner operator will qualify by 1) operating the virtual Canadian business and the 2) operating the home country business with 2 years of a revenue generating, registered, tax paying corporation in both countries the owner operator has the pre qualifications for an intra company transfer, to live and work in Canada.

This is entrepreneurial, a media tech start up. 

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Once an owner operator has success with the first two market areas, more will be offered.

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