The Purchase

The intent of TVYou in the purchase agreement is to expand its brand internationally.

This purchase is a dual purchase.

1 Canadian market and 1 home country market of equal category.

100% sales with monthly base rates and a gradient from turnkey through contracting services to self sufficiency of each purchaser is the ideal path.

It does contemplate multiple dual market purchases using the turnkey option.

We are open to offers where there is foreign ownership available for TVYou in home country dual purchases. A buy/sell agreement.

The purchase includes The Canadian side fees for legal, accounting, taxation set up and corporate minute keeping.

The sale is a Local Media Company which owns a license to be TVYou/RADIOYou in a specific market. The license is strict on the default. A default is a breach costing loss of the license, discontinuance of service.

The Local Media Company is formed for the sale. The purchase agreement and if attached buy/sell agreements are transacted. Purchase Fee and first and last month of the monthly base rate is paid. The TVYou license is activated. The markets being purchased are formatted to be accessed by licensee. Training and The TVYou Performance Coaching begins and any Turnkey agreements and any contractor services purchased.