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TVYou is a media arts community. We have a small core of staff, the rest of what we do is powered by volunteers, sponsors, and advertisers.

Sponsors participate by purchasing sponsorships. These funds are used to buy equipment, pay expenses and to develop quality content.

All sponsorships are received gratefully and are used with the utmost care and focus.

We believe that online community TV is a vital part of local life by being inclusive, well organized, present at events, streaming relevant content, and proudly representing.

We respectfully invite you to sponsor us

We will send you an e invoice via email. A secure online transaction.

All sponsorships purchased are final. NO REFUNDS. www.tvyou.ca reserves the right to apply sponsorship funds in the development of local content and streaming the produced content online as it sees fit. www.tvyou.ca reserves the right to adjust sponsorship benefits from time to time.