Our Retail Rate Card:

$100.00: banner design
$200.00: 60 sec video ad zoom production with supplied video and graphics
$500.00: 30 min interview includes 60 second commercial, screen insets and promotion
$40.00 per market placement for each banner placed on a page and each video placed into the stream
$200.00 per month positioning streaming fee for videos $100.00 per month rotation fee for banners

If you provide both a banner and a video ad and you want your banner placed in one market and your video placed in one market the cost to you is $80.00. The banner rotation fee of $100.00/mo/market and the video ad streaming fee of $200.00/mo/market is waived, Both your banner and video will be active until 0ctober 18, 2021.

If you want help with banner design and video ad production the Retail Rate Card fees apply. You many want to coinsider the 30 min interview. We will produce it in in informercial style.