Company set up




There are many aspects to setting up and running a business that spans from finalizing a business plan, securing finances, locating a venue, deciding the company structure and incorporating the new business.

  • Shares structure
  • Strategic planning
  • Business incorporation
  • Accounts and Financial management
  • Guidance on tax credits, deductions and workers’ compensation

Build your TVYOU business empire!

  • Subsidized tax: Corporate tax rates are lower as compared to the rates of individual taxes.
  • Access to grants: Corporations have easy access to grants or funding that have lower rates of interest while they can also issue share certificates or bonds.
  • Liability protection: Incorporation will limit the shareholders’ liabilities to the extent of their investment.
  • A distinct legal entity: By incorporating your business, you can ensure it gets a distinct legal entity as a “company.” The company through the incorporation can obtain loans, acquire assets, or sign contracts with other businesses or vendors.

Filing & Fee Payment

Guidance on and assistance in filing online or through other modes along with fee payment.

Completion of Article of Incorporation

With us, you get the complete assistance with form filling or online filing that includes all the details of the structure such as name, address, number of directors, province or territory of operation, share structure and so on.